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No one deserves to die alone or be denied the sight and sound of a loved one. Yet that’s exactly what’s happening through social distancing and quarantine measures implemented due to COVID-19. The virus has made social distancing an imperative. The isolation required has also brought to light the incredible impact of the virus in terms of mental health on the elderly.

Individuals that are quarantined in nursing homes are being particularly affected as well as the family member who cannot see, speak or touch their loved ones.

The suspension of visitation by family members and the silencing for seniors is deafening. Many of your loved ones are feeling lost, alone, and forgotten. To counter that, The Texas Guardians is now offering a safer, easier and more secure method to provide video conversations between you and your loved ones.

Here’s how.

2 cell phones will be provided, one for you and the other for your loved one at the facility.  The app will be embedded into the phone. No sign is required. All the user needs to do is click a button to connect instantly to the other device.

Our secure communication technology is different, customization and safer than others in the market. (please note, this is not Face-time, Facebook, Hangout, Zoom or what sup. This is a custom program created to function from app to app.

  • App to app = prevents others to join the conversation

  • App to app = prevent unwanted call that are not scheduled

While this concept is a simple one, the app has the potential to drastically affect the mental health of patients in a positive way.

Humans are social beings that crave interaction. Without it, they wither. A generation that fought wars and sacrificed for their families and the common good never thought there would be a day when they couldn’t talk to their children or hold their grandchildren close for fear of placing them at risk. The elderly now feels like they’re a burden on their family and society at large.

The most heartbreaking aspect is that those diagnosed with COVID-19 in nursing homes are dying without the comforting touch of a loved one or being able to share final words of love with their family.


Monthly fee per pair 199.99 per month

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