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COVID-19 has forced governors to take extraordinary measures to protect the health of their citizens. Unfortunately, there’s a significant portion of the population that refuses to follow stay-at-home directives. Before now, enforcing those edicts and quarantines was impossible without utilizing police to make personal checks. That has changed with the Texas Guardians app.

The app addresses non-compliance with an efficient and cost-effective means employed via mobile device when downloaded to an individual’s phone. The app’s administrator can request a check-in from the patient and the individual responds with a simple tap on the phone. When activated, the app automatically engages the camera and sends an image of the patient, along with their location, to verify that they’re actually at home.

Stay-at-home orders are essential, but they’re also creating mental health issues, suicidal thoughts in some, and domestic violence is increasing. The app provides telemedicine for physical and mental health without the need to leave home. The Texas Guardians app also provides a quicker means of contacting 911 if people are breaking into their home or they’re experiencing violence.

This type of enforcement is essential for states to flatten the curve of infections. It’s effective for those that have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and people refusing to follow the law. It saves time, money and lives. States are currently relying on the honor system for people to do the right thing. It’s a strategy that’s failed.
There’s a substantial segment of the population that:

•    Refuses to recognize the seriousness of the pandemic
•    Discounts what science is telling them
•    Doubts that COVID-19 is anything more than a case of the flu
•    Think they’re above the law
•    Insist their civil rights are being violated
•    Don’t recognize a state’s authority to enact policies for the public good
•    Are advocating for profits over people

They’re a clear and present danger to others, especially to the elderly and those with underlying conditions. A particularly disturbing trend has emerged as a result. It’s the “they’re old let them die” mentality. Its underlying principle is survival of the fittest. The belief is that COVID-19 is nature’s way of resetting itself, while others think it’s a plague being visited upon the Earth by God. Some are suggesting that elders sacrifice themselves for the good of the economy.

Many state officials are taking their cue from the White House, where direction has been little and late, resulting in mixed messages and a patchwork of rules and regulations with no clear guidance. Some state officials have given into pressure to conduct business as usual, while others are more concerned about giving the impression of government intrusion into individual rights.

The White House has made it clear that each state is on its own. The Feds don’t want to create a panic, preferring to offer a more positive message. With thousands of deaths, the time for that argument has already passed. States are receiving mixed messages from the White House and the CDC is only marginally more helpful.

Some state officials are following the advice of pundits that have no medical knowledge or experience and are only concerned with their re-election prospects or maintaining a prestigious position. States must act now and do what’s best for their people. Nobody in Washington knows the area, culture, or patterns of behavior. It’s up to the state to protect its own people.

The Texas Guardians app is a multi-faceted tool that aids in enforcing stay-at-home and quarantine orders, seek medical attention without leaving home, and helps those suffering from mental health issues during this unparalleled time in our history. It’s not government intrusion when people refuse to comprehend the danger to themselves and others.








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