Corona-Virus Disease

COVID-19 is spreading exponentially across the nation, people are dying, and many have been infected but don’t know it. Testing is limited and the virus doesn’t affect everyone in the same way. Even those that are wearing masks often aren’t doing so correctly. A substantial number of individuals are ignoring stay-at-home orders and aren’t taking appropriate precautions. They can be infected without showing symptoms yet, thereby spreading the virus to the most vulnerable populations.

To address the non-compliance problem and refusal to self-isolate by those that have been diagnosed with COVID-19, The Texas Guardians has developed an effective app to ensure patients are staying at home and not infecting others. The app is an easy means of enforcing house quarantine protocols.

The app is a particularly effective tool for governors, mayors, and law enforcement charged with protecting the public health. The patient downloads the app to their phone and the app’s administrator can request a check-in from the patient. The patient can respond with a simple tap of a button on their phone.

When the app is activated, the device will automatically open the camera and send an image of the patient to the administrator, along with the patient’s location to verify that the individual is actually at home. It’s a cost effective, efficient, and effective way to enforce compliance with home quarantine orders to aid in flattening the curve on infections.

Governors across the U.S. have issued stay-at-home orders and mandated that those that have received a positive diagnosis self-quarantine at home to minimize the spread of COVID-19. Without compliance, more people will become infected and further tax a medical system that’s already overwhelmed.

COVID-19 has an 80 percent mortality rate for ventilator patients, but there aren’t enough ventilators. A lack of personal protection equipment is also placing medical personnel at risk. When they become ill, there will be no one to care for the sick and more people will die.

People with underlying health issues, those with comprised immune systems, and the elderly are at increased risk. It’s essential that people understand that no one is immune and a vaccine is potentially a year away. The Texas Guardians app is an effective way to enforce quarantine and stay-at-home orders to slow the spread of COVID-19, lessen the strain on the medical system, and protect the public.

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