Stay-At-Home Orders

Stay-at-home orders across the nation to preserve the public health have been met with anger, suspicion, and hostility. Many citizens don’t even recognize governors’ power to implement those policies. That’s why The Texas Guardians app is so important to ensure that individuals that have tested positive for COVID-19 are taking the appropriate precautions, self-quarantining, and not exposing others to the deadly infection.

COVID-19 doesn’t affect everyone in the same way. The severity of symptoms can vary widely and many individuals are carriers without knowing it. Until the ability for widespread testing is available to identify new cases and those that have formed antibodies, The Texas Guardian app is the best way to enforce quarantines. People are disregarding the seriousness of the pandemic for multiple reasons.

Can’t Legislate Common Sense

Sound judgement and the ability to make intelligent decisions are based on rational thought and an examination of the facts. Some people automatically dispute anything that comes from the government. Common sense also flees in the face of anyone that perceives that something is being taken away from them. “Taking my civil rights” is the primary rallying cry of disrupters.

Profit Over People

A large segment of the population has been severely impacted financially by stay-at-home directives. They’re facing evictions and are going hungry. They’ll risk their own health and that of those around them if it means being able to work and pay their bills.

People are Expendable

One of the most disturbing attitudes to evolve from the pandemic is that the deaths of the most vulnerable to COVD-19 are acceptable losses. The mentality is one that blames individuals with underlying medical conditions for their situation.

Connected to that is an increasing number of people that are supporting a survival-of-the-fittest approach. They believe that those that died due to COVID-19 would have died anyway due to their underlying medical conditions and their loss makes more resources available to the young and fit.

No Experience with a Pandemic

People have no frame of reference and don’t understand the seriousness of a pandemic. They’re accustomed to simply taking time off work until they’re feeling better or turning to the medical community for a pill or vaccine. Anti-vaccine proponents maintain that they’re healthier for having contracted the virus.

Disbelief and Denial

A significant portion of the population simply refuses to belief that COVID-19 is anything more than a hoax perpetrated by liberal government officials and the main stream media as a means of “depriving us of our freedoms.” A large part of that is due to misinformation, conspiracy theorists, political prejudice, social media, and optimism bias. It makes them feel superior and appeals to a need to be unique.

Disbelief and denial leads people to take fewer precautions, more risks, and is a means of coping with facts that contradict their beliefs. Millennials in particular feel disconnected from other age groups and often adopt an “every man for himself” attitude. They disbelieve that they’re placing others in harm’s way.

Safety First

For these reasons and more, COVID-19, social distancing, and quarantines must be followed. To enforce shut-down orders, ensure that infected people are quarantining, and aid in the safe reopening of states, The Texas Guardians app is desperately needed. There’s just too much that’s still unknown about COVID-19. The app provides a technological solution that’s accurate, efficient, and protects the public health.

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